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Bearded LEO Warrior Beard Care Co.

Welcome to Bearded LEO Warrior
Beard and Skin Care Co.

Why You Need Us

Beards are Our Passion


Beard is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by maintaining your bearded warrior status and ways of maintaining it in top shape. We are committed to discovering the best lotions, accents, beard products and merchandise for all of our Police and Emergency First Responders. Working in the law enforcemeant field, I felt we needed a site to find high quality long lasting and great smelling products for our specific needs be it at home or out in the field. We back the BLUE, US Military and Emergency responders 100%

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Starting With Beard Care


Our oil crafter mixes all our beard oils and has been mastering the craft for the last 3 years.  

All of our beard oils are made using the highest quality carrier oils which include a special blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba, Castor and fracionated Coconut plus we only use therapeutic grade essential and high grade fragrance oils. 

All of our balms are composed of the purest shea butter, aloe, coconut oil, black currant seed oil, Texas harvested beeswax and if scented carrier/essential oils.

All are easily absorbed and will leave your facial follicles full, soft and healthy. We do not mass produce as each oil is hand crafted and we only make available to you what we use on our own beards, so we believe in them all. There is no animal testing unless you consider our own beastly beards an animal.

Our crafter uses a blend of carrier oils and mixes them according to the needs of our customers and adds essential and/or fragrance oils to aid in whatever it is the customer is having issues with by modifying and tailoring your oil to address common issues like dandruff, ingrown hairs and difficulty with beard growth.   

All of our beast oils are easily absorbed and will leave your facial follicles full, soft and healthy.  formulated for your beard and the skin  underneath to reduce itchy and flaky skin, promote thicker, faster  hair growth and tame wild hairs. Our oils will leave your beard looking and feeling  healthier and you will feel like a true warrior ready to do battle.

We know you will love our products and you will be able to see the passion our crafter has to help all of our bearded brothers!

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Maintaining Your Image


Nowadays, everything in our culture is visual. A fantastic looking beard can only get you so far; you need an image to go with your status. Your passion and love for what you do is what will connect you with your audience, so we want to support you and your vision. 

In order to make that happen, we offer shirts, hats, brushes and stickers ontop of our awesome beard, face and mustache oil and balms to express your love of beard.

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